White & Rosé Gala Miami 2018'


Special collaboration with Lina Condes

'Love Me'



Bradley Theodore

Based in New York City, Bradley Theodore is a multi disciplinary artist whose iconoclastic approach to art can be found internationally, from 10 foot murals on the streets of New York, Tokyo, and Milan, to sold out solo exhibitions in London. With roots in graphic design, Theodore began his artist career by adorning the streets of New York City with vibrant, chromatic murals of skeleton crews depicting contemporary pop culture and fashion “royalty.” The artist has become a staple in the art and fashion scene in New York City.

Bradley Theodore will be making a special piece of art for this specific Gala driven by the feeling to give the joy and opportunity to create to the most underprivileged children of Haiti and Mexico. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 11.44.00 PM.png
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Participating Artists:

 Tali Almog


  "Wave" 48"x48" mixed medium, ink, oil and 3 layers of resin    

"Wave" 48"x48" mixed medium, ink, oil and 3 layers of resin


Jean Martin


  "Power Balloon" by Jean Martin

"Power Balloon" by Jean Martin



Host Committee Miami

Gina Wright,  Aura Copeland,  Alicia Hall, Yoeli Goldstein, Justin Lees, Mariano Sopena-Irala, Kris Graham, Dave Sol, Anna Serova, Lisa Abitova, Lenka Leskova, Martina Tasevska, DJ Aloona, Bonnie Calean, Michelle Tidor, Adrew Damian Forbes, Shera Kaan-Lilly, Maxie Kaan-Lilly, Zena Ayoub, Malena Vasquez, Izabela Korcmarosova, Angela Moore



   Hosted by: Anna Serova



Speech by  Gina Wright

Music performance by Tyler Gerena


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Nowadays our events are elegant soirees in beautiful venues with accomplished local artists, yet we still keep the playful color-theme true to our spirits. 

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