Interview with DJ Baltell



Les Couleurs Charity: Benoit, tell us more about where you're from, when and what brought you to NY?

I'm French, grew up in Paris,  lived in Germany for three years and eventually bought a one way ticket for Buenos Aires back in 2009. I backpacked for a year across South America. While in Ecuador, I supported for three months a local non-for profit organization developing the Fair Trade of rice and Cocoa beans. End of 2010, I decided to move to New York. From the plane, my first glimpse of New York was a beautiful sunset illuminating the skyline and the statue of liberty. I immediately fell in love with the city, his architecture, culture and musical scene.

Les Couleurs Charity:  When did you discover your passion for music? How important music was for you growing up? Who did you look up to when you were a child?

Growing up in Paris, I started playing the transverse flute at age 7 and later joined an orchestra in Germany. I developed my interest for electronic music when I realized the great impact and freedom that come with using technology in the creative process of composing. One of my favorite thing about DJing is fully connecting with the people and giving them a great night.

The main musicians I was looking up as a child were Renaud (well known French singer, probably only famous in France), Ennio Morricone (composed the soundtracks of many movies, Once upon the time in the West being one of them) as well as John Williams.

Les Couleurs Charity: How did you start DJ'ing in NY? What do you love most about the music scene here?

I started DJ'ing in various venues in NY and partnered with the group Sam n' Jo to organize wonderful events. I had the chance to play in distinguished venues, such as Gold Bar, Le Baron, Beaumarchais, Pink Elephant.

I like the diversity of New-York's music scene, all genres coexist, experiment, merge and sometimes give birth to new genres.


Les Couleurs Charity: How important do you think music and creativity are for a child?

Creativity shapes one's identity and powers new opportunities; music offers a fantastic framework for this educational process, along side with all other forms of art.

Les Couleurs Charity: What does it mean to you being able to support the work LC is doing in Haiti and why do you think it's important?

Education is one of the main pillar for sustainable development; it drives long-term and impactful changes to the world. This is exactly what Les Couleurs Charity is doing in Haiti, and I am proud of contributing to this greater purpose.