CREATE is a comprehensive arts, crafts and design program, aiming at fostering children's creativity and cognitive skills. The curriculum consists of visual and applied arts, fashion, design and crafts, literacy improvement and creative writing. From portrait and landscape drawing to computer graphics, music and dance, we aim at enhancing various aspects of children's creativity and  providing them with a variety of skills. Additionally, as we work closely with the local artisanal community, we strive at strengthening the local bonds and gaining the trust and support to expand our program. 

Where we work?

Mary Mother Orphanage in Thomassin, Haiti


Sapotile Orphanage, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


 Pierre Maurice School in Delmas, Haiti

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Fondapherd Orphanage in Santo, Haiti

Foyer Divin Orphanage in La Plaine, Haiti

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Foundation Vierge Marie in Butte Boyer, Haiti

Mission to God's Children in Delmas, Haiti

Notre Dame des Victoires Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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