CREATE is a comprehensive arts, crafts and design program, aiming at fostering children's creativity and cognitive skills. The curriculum consists of visual and applied arts, fashion, design and crafts, literacy improvement and creative writing. From portrait and landscape drawing to computer graphics, music and dance, we aim at enhancing various aspects of children's creativity and  providing them with a variety of skills. Additionally, as we work closely with the local artisanal community, we strive at strengthening the local bonds and gaining the trust and support to expand our program. 

Where we work?

Currently there are 300 children at 17 orphanages in Port-au-Prince, Haiti enrolled into our CREATE program. Our local teachers visit each orphanage once or twice per week and work with children for 2 hours teaching them visual arts, crafts, fashion and accessory design, music and dance. In addition, we teach English language course, because knowing a second language gives children much higher chances getting a job in the country where there are very few opportunities. 

Each orphanage commits to working with us for at least 4 years. We invest into teacher training so they are better equiped to teach our little students. Our teachers become mentors and role models to the orphanage children who have very few adults around them. We aim to create a long term and sustainable program that will make a long lasting impact into the lives of our students, teachers and communities we serve.   

We believe that education is the best gift we can give to children. We want to help them unleash their creativity and give them a voice to express themselves.


We believe in local partnerships and understanding the needs of communities we serve. Our founder Aura Copeland, artist and a fashion designer herself  is behind the CREATE curriculum and it's implementation. She spends a lot of time on the ground in Haiti, doing teacher training as well as working alongside our teachers on the ground at all 17 orphanages.

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